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To Be Told
To Be Told

by Dan Allender
New Price: $15.99

Everyone wants clearer guidance from God on what to do with their future. In the timeless and insightful To Be Told, Dr. Dan Allender shows that as people listen to the stories of their life, they identify the themes that God has written there, they begin to understand both the hope and the heartache, and they receive specific guidance for the future that fits who they are.
By reading To Be Told, you will gain a clear sense of how God has written your life so far, and you will see how God is leading you into the rest of your story. God wants you to read your story from its beginning. As you do, God helps you understand the brokenness as well as the joy.

And, as you read and understand what God has already written, he asks you to join him in coauthoring the rest of your story. God is your Author, and he is showing you how to follow him into the future.

ISBN: 978-1578569519