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February Birds CD, Student Artists, Julie & Sean Hall, MACP Harry the Happy Hopper Written by Krista Demmel, MACP student, and Illustrated by Nathan Maetzener - A great graduation gift!
Harry the Happy Hopper
New Price: $11.00
Julie and Sean Hall
Written by Krista Demmel, current MACP student
Illustrated by Nathan Maetzener
Written by Krista Demmel, current MACP student
Illustrated by Nathan Maetzener

This book makes an excellent graduation gift!
Waymarkers: Collected Prayers, Poems & reflections for the Preparation and Pilgrimage to Iona Pilgrim Principles: Journeying with intention in everyday life Woo: Awakening Teenagers' Desire to Follow in the Way of Jesus
Mary A. DeJong, current MATC student

Mary leads vocational discernment retreats for university students to Iona, Scotland. She is pursuing a masters degree in Theology and Culture at TSS with a focus in eco-theology. Mary is a Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward, and is co-chair of Friends of Cheasty Greenspace at Mt. View.
Lacy Clark Ellman

Lacy has an M.A. in Theology and Culture from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. She writes about spirituality and intention in travels and daily life and shares stories of other pilgrims at sacredjourney.net
Morgan Schmidt

Morgan Schmidt is the director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries at St. Andrew's Episcopal church in Seattle, and the founder and director of Youth Collective, a collaborative student ministry initiative that is likely to achieve world peace. She is passionate about cultivating teenagers' desires to be whole people who help make earth more like heaven.

Morgan received her MDiv from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.
The Day I Was Too Afraid to Jump Off the Highdive, alumna author Jacqueline Moulton NO SHIPPING.  In store pick up only. Kissing in the Chapel, Praying in the Frat House
Jacqueline Moulton

Seattle School Alumna

This book was written after the author's gregariously embarrassing attempt to jump off a high dive. This book is about fear. Is there anything profound written in this book about fear?
Not really.

This book says one thing: I am afraid, you are afraid: we might as well be afraid together. Our fears are not something to be conquered; rather they are something to be cherished. Our fears are our hearts pull toward the heart of all hearts the pull toward the basic essence of this mostly banal terrifying existence. What is this basic essence?

The Author isn't sure.

On a good day she guesses that it is to love and be loved. On a bad day: to watch as much TV as humanly possible.
James K. Smith

Edited by Adam J. Copeland

Chapter 16 by The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology MATC Alumna Lauren Sawyer ('14)
essays addressing questions of traditio and identity, sex and sexuality, vocation and call, and life beyond High Ed.