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The Day I Was Too Afraid to Jump Off the Highdive, alumna author Jacqueline Moulton

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Jacqueline Moulton

Seattle School Alumna

This book was written after the author's gregariously embarrassing attempt to jump off a high dive. This book is about fear. Is there anything profound written in this book about fear?
Not really.

This book says one thing: I am afraid, you are afraid: we might as well be afraid together. Our fears are not something to be conquered; rather they are something to be cherished. Our fears are our hearts pull toward the heart of all hearts the pull toward the basic essence of this mostly banal terrifying existence. What is this basic essence?

The Author isn't sure.

On a good day she guesses that it is to love and be loved. On a bad day: to watch as much TV as humanly possible.

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